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Making A New Album. Can You Give Us A Hand? 

Watch out na! 

Catfish has been away for a while, and like a lot of people who stay away for a while, I’m back ‘cause I need money. Truth be told, I just ended up in the ER with a nasty case of bronchitis that I call “Lord-what-did-I-do-wrong-chits.” But now they got me hopped up on these steroids and I feel strong enough to knock in 75 homeruns or make an album. I figure I’ll make an album. That’s where the money comes in, see?

I know I kid around, but let me try to be serious for a minute. I’ve been hard at work songwriting, planning for crowdfunding with Mellissa Smith (you should really check out and everybody’s been hard at work learning tunes and trying to make it all happen for this debut album I’m calling Mannish Boys. We’ve even been in the studio at bit already and will be back next week with Kariz Marcel and Bosley Brown. Oh we’ve got the will if you can help us make a way. I’m hoping you can visit my page and support in any way you can. If you can donate, please do. If you know others who can help, please share. When you go to, you’ll find a bunch of info about the album you may or may not read, plus a list of things I can do for you in happy return for helping me at the bottom of the page.

Stay tuned for news and all kinds of cool related content like The Great 28 coming to in the next few weeks.

Thank you,

Brooks Long

Thank you Michelle Antoinette Photography for the photo!
Thank you Melissa Smith for the design!

On The Radio w/ Wendel Holmes, NEW Odds and Ends Release The Songster Part 2 

Watch out, na! Ol' Catfish has some good news and even some not good news for you.

As you may know, since last winter it has been one of the pleasures of my life to learn from Mr. Wendel Holmes of The Holmes Brothers (if you don't know them, please check them out: through the Maryland Traditional Arts Council Apprenticeship Program. On Friday January 23rd, you can catch me with them at The Creative Alliance. However, this will be The Holmes Brothers' first show since the passing of drummer Wille "Popsy" Dixon due to bladder cancer. My heart truly goes out to his family and to Wendel and Sherman Holmes who have been playing with Popsy for over 40 years. My good friend and fantastic drummer Eric Kennedy will be filling in while, of course never being able to replace Mr. Dixon.

If you would like to reserve tickets, you can find them here:‎.To promote for the show, Wendel and I will be featured o  the popular hour-long radio program The Signal, performing songs and having a fun, casual interview with Aaron Henkin and Cliff Murphy. Our episode will air Friday the 16th at 7pm and Saturday the 17th at 4pm. If you miss it, you can always check it out here: I think you'll enjoy it. I can't tell you how special our bond has become.

Finally, I'd like all you Mad Dog fans who enjoy my songwriting to check out my new odds and -ends collection, The Songster Part 2, at  It's a continuing series of songs that don't quite fit with The Mad Dog No Good and will be added to every month or so. Getting these initial 13 songs together has been a real labor of love for over a year now, so although they are different, I hope you'll enjoy them. Most of the songs are home recordings, which means very low-fi. So they may not be perfect, but I guarantee they're all pure Catfish.


Let me know what you think.
Stay warm,

-Jermaine Maintaine

February Newsletter ( January 31st too!) 

Watch out, na!

Missed us? We took time off the stage for most of January (not the 31st, Annapolis!) I'd love to tell you we we're hibernating, but ain't nobody got time for that. We've been learning some tunes, booking some very exciting shows (see below) and I've been doing some home recording I'll have to show you soon. So Happy New Year everyone! I predict a damn good one for you and me. Let me tell you about what's happening from now until the end of next month. Very exciting stuff.

-THIS Friday,1/31 - Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge - Annapolis, MD, 9pm, $5
Traveling down to Annapolis with two fantastic bands, Fractal Cat and Freedom Enterprise. How you feel about that, Naptown?
Metropolitan Kitchen Show Facebook Page

-Saturday, 2/8 - Soul Saturday @ The Ottobar - Baltimore, MD, 9pm. $10 tickets, $12 at the door. 
Thanks so much to the many people who came out to Friday the Funkteenth last December. God, that felt good. There's no secret to it, I just crammed the best, funkiest music I could on the bill and it worked. Hope it works again because this lineup is just as powerful. J Pope and Funk Friday, Rufus Roundtree and Da B'more Brass Factory, and Kentavius Jones? Mad Dog No Good Is gonna have to bring our A-game just to keep up. Head to www.The or hit me up for tickets at
Soul Saturday Facebook Event Page
-Thursday, 2/13 - Rockwood Music Hall - Manhattan, NYC, 12am (2/14, technically), $5 donation asked
Ol' Catfish is one fortunate brother. So, this will be my first show in NYC and it's at one of the most sought-after gigs in that whole Big Apple up there. Much love to Sheriff Ariff for making that happen. His great band will be following my solo acoustic set. So, you coming my NYC people? Any out-of-towners wanna roll up? And you know it will be Valentine's Day by the time I hit, right? Mmmhmmm.

- Saturday, 2/15 - G. Love Official After Party @ The Legendary Dobbs - Philadelphia, PA, 7pm, $10
... and the good times keep rollin. Me and the boys are pumped play with... I mean PLAY the G Love After Party at Dobbs in Philly. See, hometown hero G. Love (of "Cold Beverage" fame) will be playing at the Theater of The Arts earlier in the night and we'll be apart of that show's after party at The Legendary Dobbs on South Street. The whole thing starts at 7pm. We go on at 11pm. Will he perform directly after us??? I can neither confirm nor deny because I've been asked not to.
G. Love Official After Party Event Page

-Saturday, 2/21 - Birthday Ball Friday @ The Fishwhistle - Chestertown, MD, 10pm No cover
My C-town and Washington College people, I know you know where the ball is but do you know where the party is the night before? I'll give you one guess. The Fishwhistle. Sorry. I forgot was supposed to let you guess.

Also, my MDers (btw, just because you live in Maryland that does not make you a doctor) remember April 13th we'll be playing Concert For The Chesapeake with The Great American Canyon Band and The Herd Of Main Street. The whole thing will be broadcast on Maryland Public Television and 89.7FM WTMD Towson University Radio. Don't miss it.