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“Ain’t Never Had A Good Time” is the title of Brooks Long and The Mad Dog No Good’s latest single and maybe you have never had a good time until you’ve had the chance to groove into the night with all the soul sparkle of Motown and Stax wrapped up in this Baltimore-born band. Named 2012’s D.C./Baltimore’s “Best Emerging Artist” by The Deli Magazine, receiving regular airplay on the iconic Towson University radio station WTMD, and being known as a contributing fixture in the Baltimore artist community, Brooks Long and The Mad Dog No Good are very serious about delivering a good time... full article.

Mic Life Magazine - Ain't Never Had A Good Time Review

"The song itself is mid-tempo, but bounces and moves, has lots of great layers and an even better hook. Brooks’ vocals are very soulful and interpretive, and the surprising use of the organ is a very nice touch. At 3:43 the track isn’t long at all, but like all great parties, you should always leave wishing it would never end..." full article

What's Up, Eastern Shore Article

"Brooks Long and the Mad Dog No Good are cool. There’s really no other word that describes them as well. Funky, yes. Soulful, for sure. But above all, cool..." the full article

Jason Randall Smith - EP Review

 "...this trio creates a compact six-song EP of rugged, vintage soul, tapping into their influences from the 1960s and ‘70s and delivering timeless music as a result..." full review

Based in Mount Vernon, New York, Jason Randall Smith is a contributing writer for Impose Magazine. In addition, he maintains his own website, Both Sides Of The Surface, and is also the creator of Radio BSOTS, a podcast featuring independent hip-hop, soul, funk, and electronic music. - From

Alex Henderson - EP Review

 "Long’s music isn’t just rock with soul and funk overtones; his songs really do integrate R&B elements and rock elements..." full review

Alex Henderson is a veteran journalist/music critic whose work has appeared in Billboard, Spin, The L.A. Weekly, Creem, HITS, Jazziz, JazzTimes, CD Review, Skin Two, Black Radio Exclusive, Thrash Metal and a long list of other well known publications. Known for his eclectic tastes, Alex has contributed several thousand CD reviews to The All Music Guide online and series of reference books since 1996. Jello Biafra, Sonny Rollins, Megadeth, Ice Cube, Live, Chick Corea, Public Enemy, Marduk, Bobby Brown, Ra and Everlast are among the many well known artists Alex has interviewed during his long career. From

Dan MacIntosh - EP Review