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Ain't Never Had A Good Time

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released 19 November 2013
Recorded at Sweetfoot Studios in Easton, MD, mainly.
Produced by Brooks Long and Shea Springer
Engineers: Shea Springer, Frank Chivaro and Sean Fitzgibbons
Written by Brooks Long

Brooks Long: Vocals, Guitar
Ian Trusheim: Bass
Dan Samuels: Drums

Adam Scott-Wakefield: Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes
Background Vocals: J Pope, Adam Scott-Wakefield, Jenny Leigh,
Janice B, Rufus Roundtree, Terrelle Scott, and Molly Fitzgibbons

Photo "Party Pooper" by Randi Deuro


She was reaching, but she couldn't quite connect.
She was trying, but she didn't quite know how.
They only taught her how to live without a sound.
She didn't know that she could get down.

Her friends dragged her out and a poet opened up.
Spoken words singing music to her feet.
The band started grooving and she jumped out her seat.
A side she can't control was overtaken by the beat.

Come on out, we're having a party.
Come on out and dance with somebody.
People, you ain't never had a good time this good.
A good time this good.

All the boys askin bout the new girl in town
except the one, pretend he don't care.
She spots him over there and waves hello.
She only knows because she's been there.

They start to talkin (and) they start to groovin (and)
they make their way on to the floor.
She whispers in his ear, "Hey, let's get out of here."
It might be rude to tell you more.


© Brooks Long 2013